Oligo Nation and COVID-19

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Yes, COVID is bad, scary, and unprecedented.

But there are worse diseases…including Oligodendroglioma

There is essentially only one kind of news these days: the latest on the COVID virus.  No doubt, this pandemic has affected all of our lives and outlooks.  Millions have lost their jobs and many small businesses may never re-open.  The recovery will likely be as unprecedented and messy as the pandemic.  There is no doubt that this is tragic on many levels.

At the same time, there is no shelter-in-place for cancer.  For oligodendroglioma patients, the clock continues to tick.  The need for new, more effective treatments remains urgent.  The opportunities to identify and bring these new treatments to market are waiting to be unlocked.

So, I just want to say that at Oligo Nation, we are open for business (working at home, of course).  More than open, we are planning for the biggest, most aggressive investment in research in our history in 2020.  To put a number on it, we expect to make research commitments of $1 million this year.  And we have enlisted the support of leaders in research and industry to ensure that these investments are the right ones to make now.

It has been a long, challenging, and exciting road to get to the point where we are today. And we are not going to stop for a pandemic or anything else.  The lives of my sons—and all the others in the Oligo community—are on the line.  As they say in the action movies: “failure is not an option.”

For sure, COVID is making our work harder today.  Research labs are running with skeleton crews at the moment.  And the big, inspirational, in-person fundraising events that have been our lifeblood are unlikely to happen this year.  We will have to rely on more personal fundraising by folks in our community…and I hope that you will consider joining us in this effort.

A lot of you have expressed interest in ‘getting involved’ at some point.  I have seen how each person’s effort makes a difference for Oligo Nation and the medical research we fund.  This would be a great time to get in touch and help us push research forward.

All the best, stay safe, keep the faith,

Brock Greene
[email protected]