How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Oligo Nation

How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for Oligo Nation

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One way you can help support Oligo Nation and oligodendroglioma research is by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Every person with an Oligo has a compelling and important story. Their life and their future are at risk. Very few people can understand what this is like. At the same time, there is a real chance that research could change everything…if the funding is there.

Getting your story and message out to your family, friends, and community is a powerful and positive way to make a difference in your own life. A Facebook Fundraiser is driven by telling your story and asking for your community’s help. We have seen people raise anywhere from $200 to $13,000 with just a Facebook Fundraiser alone. As an IRS approved non-profit, you can create a personal fundraising on Facebook that benefits Oligo Nation. And Facebook doesn’t take a cut, so 100% goes to Oligo Nation.

Here’s how to create your Fundraiser:

1. Open your Facebook page. On Desktop, scroll down until you see “Menu” and “Fundraisers” on the left bar. If you are on the mobile app, this can be found under the “Menu” then “Community Resources” option in the lower right corner of the app.

2. Select “Raise Money.”

3. Select “Nonprofit.” From there, Search for “Oligo Nation.”

5. Tell your story.

  •  Enter the amount you want to raise. What is your goal? 
  • Set a date. We recommended having the fundraiser run for at least one week
  • Give your fundraiser a title. It could be a fundraiser on behalf of a friend or family member, or even a birthday fundraiser. It could also be “Your Name Fundraiser for Oligo Nation,” no occasion needed.
  • Share why you are raising money. Why is supporting oligo research and finding a cure important to you?

Oligo Nation Fundraiser

Promoting your Facebook Fundraiser:

Having a Facebook Fundraiser is the first step. Here are a few tips for promoting your fundraiser:

  • Make sure that your friends know about it by sharing posts. Feel free to post multiple times. It’s tough to get content seen in the Newsfeed, and your friends might have missed your post.
  • Post progress reports and keep your friends updated (“We have already raised $x and know we can make our goal, thanks to everyone that has supported me so far.”) 
  • Countdown to the end of the fundraiser so people know how many days you have left to hit your goal (“We are X days away from my goal of raising $x for Oligo Nation. Please support me as I work to raise money to fund research.”)
  • As donations are made, post and share “Thank-yous,” and when your fundraiser ends, let your friends know about reaching your goal.

Thank you for all the support. Any questions? Reach out to [email protected]

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