Biobank and Research Platform

Moving Oligo Research Forward

You can help us overcome the biggest barrier to oligodendroglioma research

We get a lot of questions about clinical trials for Oligodendroglioma. There are very few, but should be a lot more. For any new treatment to be considered for a clinical trial in people, it first has to show promise in preclinical research—which is currently almost impossible. Oligo Nation is working to address this, but we need your help.

The Critical Role of Tumor Tissue

The building blocks for cancer research are cell lines and mouse models that accurately represent the disease. As of June 2018, there were a grand total of two (2!) viable Oligo cell lines and zero mouse models in the U.S.—posing a major barrier to the development of new treatments.

Cell lines and mouse models are created from tumor tissue samples, and we can only get these tissue samples with the participation of Oligo patients. The most valuable tissue samples come directly from surgery, so if you are facing (another) surgery this is when you can make the greatest contribution.

How You Can Help

It is pretty simple—contact us and let us know that you are interested. We will answer any questions and then ask you to review and sign our Consent Form that says you want some of your extra tumor tissue from surgery to be used for research. We will contact your surgeon and make the arrangements.

More Information on Tissue Donation