About Us

Oligo Nation

Oligo Nation was founded in 2014 to bring the oligodendroglioma community together and mobilize around funding medical research for new, more effective treatments. We are not professional fundraisers or researchers, we are Oligo survivors and family members.  We are committed to trying to save lives of people we love.  Time is precious, so we are going as fast as we can.

We set out to create a fundraising mechanism to support translational research that can lead to new treatments within 5 years. Our research strategy is to capitalize on the breakthrough approaches succeeding against other cancers, but which have not been tested against Oligo, including immunology and stem cell therapies.

We work with people in the oligodendroglioma community in various ways.  Most often supporting their efforts to advocate and fundraise for Oligo.  But we also are share or experiences and knowledge with patients and family as they try to navigate a tough and sometimes confusing new world of brain cancer.