Get Involved

“If you’re not part of the solution, that’s part of the problem.”

You can make a Difference

There are more than 15,000 families in the US living with an Oligo today, but only a dozen or so are actively involved in our efforts.  Just think what we can accomplish if even 2% (300) of our community got involved!

Only you know what you can bring to our efforts.  Each of us has different experiences, skills and contacts.  And all of us are capable of so much more than we think.  The one thing that everyone can do is fundraising since everyone has family and friends that want to help.

In addition, if you have skills, time and contacts that can help us with outreach to the Oligo community or in building awareness or making contact with other foundations, we would love to hear from you.

Fundraising—the Ultimate Win-Win-Win

Whether you raise one, five, or ten thousand dollars—or even more—your efforts will be a critical part of our success. Raising money sounds hard until you start doing it. Everyone has friends, relatives, colleagues and community, and they want to help.

Win 1: You

Fundraising is a powerful and beautiful experience. Having a brain tumor can make us feel powerless and isolated. By fundraising, you are taking a positive step—reaching out and connecting with others and telling your story. You will feel the love and support and be amazed by how generous people can be.

Win 2: Your Friends

Your friends and family want to help, but it can be hard to figure out how.  By supporting you and your fundraising for medical research, they know that they are making a difference.

Win 3:  Medical Research

Over 90% of the funds raised for Oligo Nation go to research, so you know that your efforts are going directly to developing new treatments for Oligo.

Ways to Get Started

There are so many different ways to fundraise.  You can create an event, use one of our online fundraisers, crowdsource, or send a letter to friends and family.  Not matter what you do, we can help you make it fun and successful.

Note:  One thing to keep in mind:  Other brain tumor fundraisers have little or no impact on Oligo research.