Our Mission

Our Mission

Oligo Nation is driven by the urgent need of our community for new treatments now. There hasn’t been a new treatment approved for Oligo in 20 years! We work with and support families that want to overcome this disease by raising money for medical research. In our first 4 years, Oligo Nation has raised over $900K and invested over $600K in research in the past two years.

Our Beliefs

The status quo has gotta go:  Oligo has been ignored for decades and the result is treatment options that are old and, ultimately, ineffective. And while there are exciting breakthroughs happening in cancer research, the reality is that no one was working on how these could apply to Oligo.

It is up to us:  We know that no other foundation has the focus and strategy for fast-tracking research to get new treatments to the clinic in the next 3-5 years.  The fact is that other brain cancer groups are focused on GBM and, at best, give lip service to Oligo.  Without our funding and advocacy new treatments for Oligo are nevergoing to be developed.  As Oligo survivors we are unwilling to take a business-as-usual approach to our work.  This is not business, it is life.

There ain’t no mountain too high:  Every step of the way may be unfamiliar territory, but we have made tremendous progress and are having an impact on research.  The research community is receptive and ready to work with us.  There are no doubt dozens of new challenges ahead, but we know that together we will overcome them.

The Oligo community has critical mass—if we use it:    There are roughly 15,000 families in America living with an Oligo.  If only 5% of these families got involved in fundraising and each raised $2,000, we would have $1.5M to invest in research every year.  That would change the trajectory of Oligo research in a huge way. In other words, are youin?