Genetic Mutations

Cancer is a genetic disease in the sense that all cancers are identified and driven by mutations in the normal DNA of their cells.  The most common mutations in Oligos are:

  • 1p/19q co-deletion:  Every Oligo has this by the World Health Organization 2016 definition.  While this co-deletion was discovered over 20 years ago, what role in plays in the disease is still mostly a unknown.
  • IDH1 mutation: More than 70% of Oligos have this
  • TERT promoter mutation: Approximately 90%
  • CIC: Approximately 50%-70%
  • FUBP1: 15% – 30%

It turns out that IDH1 and TERT are common mutations in other cancers as well and there is a fair amount of research being done to target these.  So, knowing the make-up of your tumor will be important in determining whether you could benefit from new treatment options as they become available.